The SRA’s Competence Statement has had a mixed reaction among lawyers. There were, of course, some firms who were already looking at the wider picture and asking whether mere accrual of CPD hours was in fact a helpful benchmark of a lawyer’s capability.

Many lawyers I have talked to though, are so busy with the nuts and bolts of everyday fee earning, that they have registered the forthcoming changes at a subliminal level and are awaiting the abolition of CPD much as a lamb awaits the knife.

The good news is that, with some preparation (yes, and a dollop of what lawyers like to dismiss as navel gazing) you can be ready for the move to Competence.


First take a look at the Statement of Competence (nestling virtually out of sight under the “For solicitors” button at the foot of the home page under “CPD and accreditation” on the SRA’s website) and then consider all the ways you do all these things each day.

Have you spotted that much of it is part of a lawyer’s DNA? Lawyers do these things all the time, without necessarily analysing them or recording them.

Secondly – Now think about any gaps you have and how you might fill them.

Result? Your very own Development Plan.

Want to learn more? Ann Page and I are running a masterclass in moving to Competence at The White Hart Hotel in Harrogate on Wednesday 9th September – 9.00 am -1.00pm – 3 ½ hours C.P.D.

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