Testimonials: Essential Business Skills


Here’s what our Chair Andrew Meehan Harrogate Family Law had to say:
"Thinking about strategy and target market – I have done this before but it needs reviewing regularly and adapted according to changing nature of the practice. Also reminding me of outstanding areas of compliance."

Comparisons of LinkedIn profiles which threw up a number of points I could improve on. Thought provoking discussion about the code of conduct consequences of social media.’

'Setting out my business concept clearly and confidently?Compliance – referrals, signposting and recommendations – answered all my questions.' Helena Hill Fashion Lawyer

' Conduct update and reminder particularly useful for me as COLP' Claire Murphy Claire Murphy Legal

Well presentedPaul Milligan Milligan Law

Structured and methodical. All relevant and interestingAmanda Coates

'Gave a useful background/insight to social media. Presentation clear.Daniel Boynton Pinknewy Grunwells