Team Performance Coaching

with the MiRo Assessment

Is your team dysfunctional? Are there personality clashes in your team?

How can MiRo Psychometric Testing help your team?

When a team is struggling, it is unlikely that the issues will correct themselves. In fact, if not tackled, problems can get worse rather than better.

A team assessment is a powerful way to identify the core issues and find the most efficient solutions.

MiRo is a psychometric assessment tool that can help teams to improve by building a picture of the group using the individual assessments of team members.

By reviewing the team against a number of variables, the MiRo Team Report is intended to give some indication of the expected behaviours and attitudes that might be at work within the group, together with suggestions and recommendations for change.

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Firstly, you'll discover the Leading and Supporting Modes at work within the team. The report will tell you where the balance of behaviours lies and will offer some interpretation of this result giving you an idea of the strengths and potential weak points within the team’s make up.

Within those Behavioural Modes are also the perceptual and judgement biases present among this particular group of people. This report goes one step further than the individual reports by looking at the make up of the team as it relates to these factors too. This further enables us to look at the possible dynamic tensions within the team, which may be the cause of inertia and conflict, or creativity and energy within the team.

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Do you want a team effectiveness plan to show how everyone can play to their strengths in a collaborative way?

As with any psychometric, the MiRo Team Report can never be a substitute for direct knowledge of a team, which is why a qualified consultant practitioner always administers it. It can, however, augment that first hand understanding, and the combination of the two can form a powerful resource, which can be deployed to help your team.

As an accredited Practitioner, Ann helps leaders understand the assessment to inspire their team to even better performance. 

As Geoff Wild, Director of Law & Governance stated in the Lawyer (2/4/07):

Good staff give you the competitive advantage, Customers can identify with 92% accuracy which employees are poor performers, For every 1% of employees who are dissatisfied, 5% of customers are, Dissatisfied employees are 20% less productive than satisfied employees.

Team performance and effectiveness will be noticed by the client!

Benefits of the MiRo Team Report include:

  • Understand and improve group decision-making
  • Dealing with change
  • Improving communication inside and out
  • Creating, maintaining and improving relationships
  • Understanding and dealing with conflict

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About Ann Page

Ann Page is an accredited practitioner of the MiRo Assessment and qualified coach who enables lawyers to master their business skills so they can create and maintain a sustainable legal practice.

As a motivational training specialist, Ann has delivered strategic coaching, leadership, management and interpersonal skills training to nearly 7000 lawyers since 2003. She holds N.L.P. and coaching qualifications, and is a member of the Professional Speakers Association and Professional Speakers Academy.