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The Power of Three

Autumn Programme

Have you heard of the power of three?

This is the concept that when items are grouped together in threes, they have more importanceimpact and influence.

This Autumn we are offering

THREE 2-hour workshops

Delivered at your office to provide
you and your team with practical tools and techniques to increase and enhance your


These three critical master sessions are designed to enable
you and your team to attract, convert and serve more clients.

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Are you totally confident ‘working' a room?

Do you know how to create rapport with your introduction at networking events?

Would you like to know the three simple words to keep the conversation going and gain valuable insights at the same time?

This workshop covers how to:

  • Identify your strategic networking goals, clients and venues
  • Gain engagement using your introduction
  • Self-confidently 'work' a room for maximum impact
  • Develop powerful communication techniques to demonstrate your role as Trusted Adviser without the legal jargon
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What others are saying about this workshop

Informative, helpful, enjoyable ~ The most useful thing from this session is appreciating that some of the most effective improvements I can make are very simple ~ Key learnings: When to move on and inoffensive ways of moving on from a person where a conversation has been exhausted; How to get results from networking/selling.

Members of Weightmans' Employment Team

Turn Enquiries into Instructions Workshop Image


Do you and your staff know how to turn enquiries into client instructions?

Can you establish rapport over the telephone when the enquirer just wants to talk about costs?

This workshop covers how to:

  • Establish rapport in the initial enquiry
  • Craft responses that you and your staff can use for your particular enquiries time and time again
  • Ask smart questions to draw out client issues and needs
  • Pre-empting and handling objections using influencing techniques including how to discuss costs confidently
  • The three keys to understanding and utilising client buying decisions
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What others are saying about this workshop

I attended Ann's 2-hour session from her Stress-Free Client Converter Workshop and one of the topics we covered was how to overcome objections around price. That very afternoon a client raised with me the fact that he thought my services were too expensive and that he could undertake the task himself. Rather than becoming defensive as to my fees (which I would have done prior to Ann's workshop), I remained calm and was able to counter his objections with grace and confidence. At the end of my explanation, he decided he would rather rely on my skill and expertise.

Adel Wills

Managing Clients Workshop Image


Can you keep rapport when influencing your client’s expectations into realistic ones?

Are you confident that your scores for client satisfaction are 95%+?

This workshop covers how to:

  • Manage client expectations so that you can WOW them as their Trusted Adviser
  • Utilise communication techniques for staying calm and self-confident in difficult client situations
  • Use specific techniques for handling difficult behaviour patterns including constantly complaining and aggressive clients
  • Understand the power of Do's and Don'ts for excellent client management
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What others are saying about this workshop

Very good and aimed at the correct level and relevance ~ very clearly presented ~ engaging and helpful.

Delegates from Trowers & Hamlins

Yorkshire Courses for Lawyers and Ann Page

Ann Page has had a long and successful career as an in-house lawyer for a number of PLC's and was voted Top 100 Lawyer in 2003. During that time she honed her leadership, management and business skills. She has written two books for in-house lawyers.

Since 2003, Ann has taught nearly 7000 lawyers. She has also trained with the Coaching Academy and holds an H.N.L.P. certificate in coaching as well as being an N.L.P. Master Practitioner. Ann is a member of the Professional Speakers Association and Professional Speakers Academy. In 2017, she launched the Business Brilliance Blueprint® for lawyers which is a comprehensive training and coaching package enabling them to master their business skills.

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