Management Training and Coaching

for Partners and Legal Managers

Are you expected to manage without any training?

Do you have a management team which needs some refresher training?

Are you struggling to manage your own workload and your team?

It is still rare that a lawyer's early training and experience will include management training. It is more likely that their first experience of this is just being slotted into a management role without training of any kind. This seems incongruous with the fact that law firms would not put untrained lawyers in front of clients and yet operate on the basis that experience is a great teacher for management training.

Also, it is clear, that one of the main factors of the future success of legal businesses is a highly motivated and well-managed teams. Therefore, continual updating of management training is as vital as updating technical knowledge.

When teams aren’t working effectively it will adversely affect clients, and in my opinion, colleagues and the future of the legal practice. Therefore, ambitious legal practices invest in continual management training so that they can drive success using the achievements of their motivated people.

Further, most employees, and lawyers are no exception, will leave an organisation because of a bad manager. Management skills are essential to recruit and retain talented lawyers who are motivated to excel and provide a first-class service to clients.

Speaking of clients, research reported in The Lawyer indicated why motivating staff is important, because it showed:

  • Dissatisfied employees are 20% less productive than satisfied ones.
  • For every 1% of employees who are dissatisfied 5% of clients are.
  • Clients can identify with 92% accuracy which employees are poor performers (lack motivation)

This management training will comply with the Lexcel requirement for regular management training.

My 4-hour workshop is customised for each management team and typically covers the following SRA competencies :

Management Skills Update

SRA Competencies A1, A2 e), A3 c) & d) A5, C1, C3, D1 & D3 a) & d)

  • Role of legal and non-legal managers in a legal practice
  • Communication techniques to inspire, motive and build trust
  • How to delegate effectively
  • Building confidence through constructive feedback
  • Coaching and mentoring your team members

Motivation - SRA Competencies A1, C1

  • Motivating the most important person
  • Tried and tested ways to motivate individuals at work to enable them to shine
  • How to spot the signs of motivation and it’s lack
  • Understanding the key drivers for motivating teams including holding engaging team meetings
  • Approaches to motivation including Maslow’s Hierarchy of Motivational Needs

People Challenges 

SRA Competencies A1, A3, A5, C1, C3, D1 e), D3 a) & d)

  • Understanding team dynamics
  • How to deal with conflict
  • How to handle difficult behaviour
  • How to manage resistance

Action Success Plans


Action Success Plans are vital part of the training course as they ensure that ‘learning’ is taken into the workplace. They enable participants to set out their objectives and the steps to achieve the changes they want to make. Action Success Plans also allows course attendees to monitor and record their successes, charting the improvements they have achieved during the next 12 months; and beyond.

  • Excellent course – very informative and well presented. Presenter made the course interesting and enjoyable
    Kris Minks The Keith Joseph Partnership
  • I found the presenter highly enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed the course. The delivery of the material was excellent, being in a practical context. The presenter managed to keep the group interested and actively involved in the subjects so I gained a great insight in the more complex issues of management.
    Tracey Riby Corries Solicitors Ltd
  • Good course content. Presenter made it interesting
    Laura Bedford Kennedys
  • Good Style of delivery and engagement of audience
    Paddy Whur Whur Woods
  • ‘Excellent and very informative.' ‘Very useful workbook to take back’ ‘Easily understandable and interesting.
  • Excellent Presenter and particularly liked her industry experience and sharing of it.
    Tom Mitchell MB-law
  • Excellent course. Very proactive and useful. Very well presented.
    Amie Henshall BankfieldHeath Solicitors
  • Absolutely brilliant day and opportunity to exchange thoughts with your peers. Ann Page added fantastic value and insightful input to the day – thank you.
    Miia Numela Schofield Sweeney
  • it was very useful for my future
    Muhammad Saqui Bashir Regents & Co
  • Gave a good insight into effective management and made me focus on the impact that each fee earner can have on the success of the firm.
    Oglethorpe Sturton & Gillibrand
  • Well structured – enthusiastic lecturer – would recommend
    Laura Dawson Horwich Farrely

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