Boosting Your Resilience in a Time of Change 

Zoom Resilience 1-Hour Interactive Workshop

Suitable for lawyers and non-lawyers who need a resilience boost.

Are you struggling to stay resourceful?

Is your resilience dipping or variable day by day?

Are you living in worry and anxiety due to the uncertainty?


Today, people everywhere, including lawyers, are discovering that their resilience and adaptability is being acutely tested due to the unprecedented change caused by this pandemic. Therefore, the workshop deals with the impact of change on individuals and contains practical tools so they can stay resilient despite how it is personally affecting them at work and home.

I first wrote about how to Build Resilience in this blog. It is a really useful introduction to the subject and works well with the workshop which offers specific advice for the current situation.

You will also find these blogs useful be cause they contain a technique to promote resilience: - The Gratitude Habit - Manage Your Mood with the One Simple Technique - Are your a Carrot, an Egg or a Coffee Bean? - An Introduction to Mindfulness For Lawyers Part 1 - this introduced the first core concept of ‘being present’ and my clients found that it helped them to spot when they moved from evaluating the future to being obsessed with the ‘what ifs’ and the impact of that on their performance. - An Introduction to Mindfulness for Lawyers Part 2- this second blog provides insights to the concept of acknowledgement and acceptance. This puts you in a more resilient and effective Mindset. - An Introduction to Mindfulness for Lawyers Part 3 - the final blog provides insights into how detachment can assist you in uncertain times.

 Workshop Content:

  • Techniques to increase and boost resilience now and in the future focussing on the three key areas you can control in any situation
  • An understanding of the change cycle and how it impacts you both personally and professionally
  • An action plan to increase your resilience.

This is an interactive workshop with practical techniques, therefore places limited to 5 attendees per session, so that you can have your questions and concerns answered for £75 (no VAT) per delegate.

To Book:

Please email me if you want to book a workshop for your team.

What others are saying....

  • I found looking at the three key areas was really useful to where I am at the moment. Really good uplifting session just what you need when you are struggling to map your way out of lockdown.
    Noreen Kahn, Managing Partner Kaiser Solicitors
  • The slides were clear and punchy. It gave me the space to think about my wellbeing which I tend to de-prioritise. I was helped to think of practical habits that I can and should do to support myself. I left feeling very motivated to feel better and that I was back in control. Yes. As a lawyer, I often feel under pressure to be bulletproof. I now know that it is okay not to be and that I must help myself before helping others.
    Laura Mounsey, Partner Harrogate Family Law
  • Ann provided us with resilience training in these times of change. Thank you so much for this session.  Really enjoyable and some great take aways. It was a brilliant course and had some great takeaways for the future. I would recommend Ann’s courses, 100%. Uplifting and educational!
    Alicia Collinson, Senior Associate and Tribunal Advocate Thrive Law
  • Brilliant workshop which gives you quick tools and techniques to use now and in the future
    Jane Wintringham, Managing Director Adel Wills
  • Learning tools together with others who are experience the very same thoughts as you. Taking away useful techniques to assist me with resilience. I.e., is it true? What is the evidence? Self-care word. Having lots of quotes.
    Ellie Stansfield, Trainee Solicitor Blacks

You can read more testimonials from people who have attended the resilience course here

Life after Covid-19 (the new 'normal')

Change is going to continue after lockdown. So where are you in this cycle of change? Chapter 5.1 of my book ‘Business Skills? Don’t by daft, I’m a lawyer! for £24.95 (free P&P) will show you the impact of each stage and what you can do about it.

If you want to use this time to prepare your business going forward, my book contains practical advice and strategic tools so you can start to rebuild or pivot your business going forward. 

Whilst not specifically addressing the current situation, it does contain interviews of 29 legal business owners and how they manage their everyday business ‘highs and lows’ and includes a starter exercise for you to build your resilience if you can’t obtain a place on my workshop.

It is endorsed by three Managing Partners.