Free Standalone Toolkit to Document your Brilliance ®


Having taught, coached and mentored nearly 7000 lawyers since 2003 I have found these exercises particularly useful in enabling them to achieve their goals.

These taster stand-alone exercises provide a boost to your clarity and purpose which will enable you to plan your next steps and identify what you need to achieve these. As these exercises are very about you, where you are, where you are going and how you are going to get there, they are relevant whether you are a Student, Trainee, NQ, Solicitor, Partner and/or Legal Business Owner

Each standalone exercise will refer you to any relevant blogs, courses and sections in my book for you to expand your understanding of the topic and take you further in the directions of your dreams.

Where to start? Documenting Your Brilliance ® with a mindset for success


The first place to start is at the beginning! And where you are now is the beginning of the next step – hence the first two exercises are for you to reflect on where you are and where you want to go with the skill set and opportunities you can see at the present. Just click on the titles below to access the exercises.

Going forward, in order to develop or hone your mindset you will need to change your Inner Critic to Inner Cool ™ and understand what your self-confidence looks like in various situations.

Having a mindset for success includes being able to be resilient and use techniques to release stress not only in a tumultuous time but also for the daily highs and lows.


More to Come....................