Business Skills? Don't be daft I am a lawyer - must read book for lawyers

  • Ann’s book is an absolute must read not just for business owners or those looking to set up in business, but for anyone looking to move into a leadership role.

Rachel Roberts Managing Partner Rachel Roberts Managing Partner
Stowe Family Law LLP (Leeds)

Ann’s third book shows lawyers why business skills are so important in today's changing legal/professional landscape and shouldn’t be a ‘poor relation’. With the advent of AI you do not want to be just a legal technician.

Using excerpts from interviews with legal stars, this book will take you on their business journey that will help all business owners, whether in the legal world or not.

Before you get to their stories, the first five sections provide practical advice, tools and techniques to lead you through the process of your own business journey, wherever you are.

The first section starts with your ‘Why?” and the next two assess the clients and products that would work for your business. Section 4 covers the ‘boring bits’ about business mechanics and Section 5 is about future proofing and with the advice of our Stars throughout. This keeps it real for you to find out what worked and what didn’t.

Section six contains the full stories of 29 inspirational legal professionals who have forged their own path.


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Here are what two more Managing Partners have to say about Ann’s book:

The Stars in Ann’s book are ‘real’ and that makes all the difference. It is off putting when presented with perfection which few of us can aspire to and Ann’s stars give a very ‘real’  insight into  their motivation, method and experiences in business, which are truly relatable and inspiring.

Ann has taken a practical approach to helping her reader to understand clients, how to develop products and services, consider pricing, business planning and the importance of leadership. There is something for every reader to take away.

Emma Pearmaine, Managing Director of Ridley and Hall
President of Leeds Law Society

I recommend anyone thinking about setting up their own legal practice, or indeed any business delivering professional services, to first read this book - it is essential reading.

Ann Page helps you to think about the different aspects involved in setting up your own business using language that is easy to understand and absorb. There are plenty of practical exercises to complete to help you undertake the necessary groundwork.

Reading about the journeys undertaken by her ‘Stars’ provides a fascinating insight into the motivation, challenges and ethos of those who have had the courage to set up their own businesses – inspirational reading! I wish this book had been around when I became managing partner at Raworths.

Zoe Robinson, Managing Partner

The Law Society Gazette Review


By David Pickup

Do you want to start your own firm or be your own boss as a consultant? Then this book is for you. Plenty of us do want to do that or have made the transition already. It is a sign of the times and the changing nature of the profession.

Over the 12 months to the end of January 2020, 542 firms opened; and in the 12 months to the end of November 2019, 606 firms closed. The number of firm closures peaks around the renewals period each year. I wonder if this means that most firm closures are forced. It would be interesting to know why firms close. About 20% merged in some way but what of the rest? Why did they close? What effect does that have on the public?

A significant number of us decide to start new firms. In the world outside law many new businesses do not last beyond a few years. This book is written to help with start-ups. The unique factor is the book has a – wait for it – Yorkshire flavour. The book has guidance on the necessary business skills to make it work. There are exercises to work out and the second half of the book comprises nearly 30 inspirational accounts in interview form by ‘Yorkshire legal stars’ who have started new firms. I cannot see that any of them opened legal aid firms! The legal aid contracting rules do not make start-ups easy and the bureaucracy and rates of pay are not attractive to say the least.

It is a good idea of the author to ask successful people how and why they did it, and what tips they can share. It is a truism that lawyers are often not very good at business. Often one gains experience the hard way. The book analyses the many different reasons for opening a new legal business. I was surprised someone opened their own firm to get more free time. I wonder how that worked out?

It is probably as good a time as any to do it. It is the age of the consultant, and new technology should make it easier. All of the Yorkshire stars run specialised firms. Their advice is sound. The sections on choosing a good business name, planning and outsourcing are helpful. Most people like being their own boss despite the challenges. The consensus from the Yorkshire stars is that if you are thinking of being your own boss, just do it.

David Pickup is a partner at Pickup & Scott Solicitors, Aylesbury

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Order a copy of 'Business Skills? Don't be Daft I Am a Lawyer!'

£24.95 Free UK P&P (saving £3.63)

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