SRA Statement of Solicitor Competence


There is no longer a need to commit to a 16 hours CPD point system or accredited training. In fact the SRA no longer accredit training providers. Currently there is a voluntary system in place for adoption of the new SRA Learning and Development System until November 2016 when it will become compulsory.

Solicitors will now have full responsibility to undertake training and development to ensure that they comply with Principle 5 of the SRA Principles (2011), namely that they are able ‘to deliver a proper standard of service to their clients’.  Solicitors will be applying for their practising certificates (or via bulk renewals in some firms) that they are ‘competent’ to comply with Principle 5.

To assist solicitors, on the 11th March the SRA Board approved the publication of a competence statement, which you can view here.

The SRA have specified Solicitor Competence Statements in the following four areas:

As these are the ones they have assumed that Solicitors will need to comply with Rule 5. If you have your own competencies, which are ‘fit for purpose’ for your legal practice, then these should be mapped to the SRA generic ones. Further details are available on the SRA website.

SRA Competence with YCFL

The main impact of the removal of 16 hours CPD point system is that you will be given full choice about your learning and development and there has been and will continue to be a reduction in the number of public courses by the main training providers in Yorkshire.

So the aim of YCFL is provide you with local training and coaching that will specifically support you with implementation of the SRA Competencies A,C & D. This will enable you to comply with the new SRA learning and development framework and also develop you and your lawyers to create a sustainable business going forward.

As we have currently completed our workshops on the SRA Competence, YCFL can offer you three choices if you have not yet had an opportunity to bring yourself up to speed:

  1. A two-hour meeting on a one-to-one basis with your C.O.L.P. to take them through our workshop material with action plan for implementation.
  2. A two-hour workshop delivered to you and your partners over a lunch time
  3. Purchase of the workshop material which includes slides, notes and templates to get you started.

Documenting your Brilliance™ Masterclass Training for Solicitor Competencies A, C & D

Documenting your Brilliance™ Coaching for Solicitor Competencies A, C & D