Partner Masterclasses

Two-Hour Masterclasses run at your office that support SRA Competencies A, C and D:

  • Has your Lexcel Audit identified gaps in your Partner's leadership/management/business skill set?
  • Do you and your Partners need a refresher?
  • Do you have new Senior Team Leaders who need leadership and management training?

  • Leadership for partners to increase their personal impact in leading their team/firm

SRA Solicitor Competencies A2 e), D1 and D3

  • Leading and managing your team during change

SRA Solicitor Competencies A1, A2 e), A5, C3, D1 and D3

  • Client relationship strategy to stay ahead of the competition

SRA Solicitor Competencies A2 e), C2

  • Strategic Networking

SRA Solicitor Competencies D3 a) b) d)

  • Attracting and 'wowing' clients

SRA Solicitor Competency C2

  • Great communication techniques for legal managers including how to be an effective delegator

SRA Solicitor Competencies C1-3 and D1

  • Best practice time management techniques

SRA Solicitor Competencies D1 c) D3 (d

  • Communication and influencing — pitfalls and best practice

SRA Solicitor Competencies A1 d), C1-3

  • How to handle difficult behaviour (including aggressive behaviour) assertively and effectively

SRA Solicitor Competencies A1 d) C1 g) C2 j)

  • How to conduct motivating year-end appraisal to retain talent and improve performances of your team

SRA Solicitor Competencies A2 a)-d), A3, A4 c), A5

  • How to deliver a legal presentation with impact to clients

SRA Solicitor Competencies C1 and C2

What others are saying...

  • Absolutely brilliant day and opportunity to exchange thoughts with your peers. Ann Page added fantastic value and insightful input to the day – thank you
    Miia Numela Schofield Sweeney
  • Ann made the course very interesting and I feel she has given me a lot to take away and think about. A really enjoyable learning experience.
    Kathryn Dee Square One Law
  • I found the presenter highly enthusiastic and thoroughly enjoyed the course. The delivery of the material was excellent, being in a practical context. The presenter managed to keep the group interested and actively involved in the subjects so I gained a great insight to the more complex issues of management.
    Tracey Riby Corries Solicitors Ltd