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Are you struggling in this constantly changing landscape and don't know your limits?

In a more demanding world and a changing legal landscape, we are constantly asked to deliver more for less. To gain that competitive advantage, we have to perform better. However, if you are already pushing your own limits, what else can you do?

Unlocking our full potential requires two core elements – mastering that which we are already capable of, while also developing skills in areas that come less easily.

Understanding our strengths and development areas first requires awareness. We have to get clear about our behaviour, motivations and relationships. When we have that information, we can create a strategy that focuses on performing better and honing the skills that will give us that competitive edge.

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So have you heard about Psychometric Testing?

Do you know how it can help you?

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What if there was a straightforward way of evaluating your strengths and development areas? Psychometric testing is a quick and easy process to unlock a wealth of information about your personal and leadership styles.

We all have things that we do well and things that take more effort. If we try and write with our non-preferred hand, it may be more challenging and the results may be poorer. This idea of preferences is the basis of psychometric testing.

Likewise with behaviours and skills, there are some things we will do well and some things we may find more difficult. But even if a skill doesn’t come naturally to us, we can always put in time and effort to develop it. Like when someone breaks their arm and learns to write with their non-preferred hand. Once the cast is off, they may revert back to using their preferred arm for tasks but they will always know other options are available (and often have a new skill for life).

Psychometric testing can help us to reveal and capitalise our
on our preferences, while strengthening our overall skillset.

What is the MiRO assessment?

MiRo is a unique tool that integrates the two main theoretical models used most often in psychometrics. Unlike other assessments, it focuses purely on the workplace, meaning the information you get will be easy to understand and provide that valuable information for improving working practices and behaviours.

The tool itself is straightforward – it is administered online and takes no more than 15 minutes to complete. The results will be fairly consistent over time but can also give you some insight into what might be happening for you right now.

MiRo is not a test and there are no right or wrong answers; it simply helps you to understand yourself better.

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After taking the assessment, you will receive a full report explaining which behaviours you have a tendency to use and which you will try to avoid. You’ll be able to see the advantages of your own style and what some of the potential pit falls may be. It will give you tips on communication and on dealing with people with other behavioural preferences, along with ideas for developing new skills for change management, leadership, relationship building and more.

MiRo reports are written in plain English and are easy to understand so you get the information that can make a real difference to your performance.

MiRo uses maps and graphs to help you better grasp your results and offers a number of resources and tools available to help you integrate your learning into your working practices.

What will the MiRo Assessment reveal?

You'll discover:

  • If you have a tendency to see the world in terms of concrete, here and now sense data against more conceptual, intangible future based perception. These can also be understood as a tendency to see the world as a place that is more or less powerful than us as an individual human being. This can have a huge impact on how we perceive our environment and/or our relationships.
  • Whether you have a tendency towards introversion or extraversion, and the implications of both.
  • Which of the four basic behavioural modes (Driving, Energising, Organising and Analysing) you are most likely to use and the advantages (and potential blind spots) of that preference. The system recognises that we have choice on how we behave but that we will tend to favour one or two behavioural modes over others.

View an example report here

Do you want to maximise the benefits to increase your performance?

What about additional support?

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The MiRo Assesement will provide you with a comprehensive report based on your responses. But what if you could take that data and dive deeper into the knowledge needed for truly unlocking your potential?

Having someone to discuss your report with and work with to create your development strategy is invaluable. That’s why I am offering a support package at a special discounted rate.  Take the MiRo assessment online and then review your findings in depth with me in a one-hour 1-1 session and have an action plan geared to your circumstances.

Coaching will enable you to...

  • Lead people more effectively
  • Make improved decisions
  • Communicate with more impact
  • Navigate change more easily
  • Resolve difficult situations and conflict
  • Strengthen team behaviours

After your feedback session, you’ll also have the option to
continue your journey with ongoing 1-1 coaching.

Do you have a team?

Do you want to increase your team's performance?

Another advantage of MiRO is that it allows you to create team maps and reports based on you and your colleague’s results.

Team reports, team maps and other resources are equally quick and easy to produce and can give you the information you need, when you need it. If your team changes, I can add the new team members and produce a new team report for you.

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As a team leader, using group maps and reports can help you to:

  • Learn how to play to their strengths or learn which skills your team lacks
  • Learn how to communicate with each other better
  • Learn how to communicate with other groups better
  • Integrate new people into your team more effectively
  • Design a new team around a “desired” functional skill set
  • Build relationships more effectively
  • Deal with conflict inside or outside of your team
  • Deal with change more effectively
  • Create more effective project groups
  • Develop individuals within the team
  • Solve problems and make better decisions

View an example team report here

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