Documenting Your Brilliance! ™

Business Coaching programme for legal business owners and consultants

Complies with the requirements of SRA Solicitor Competencies A, C & D and Lexcel

Who needs the programme?

C.P.D. training expires in November 2016 and therefore training that solicitors undertake will have to be ‘fit for purpose’  so that they can confidently sign their practising certificate, they can comply with Principle 5 of the SRA Principles (2011).

This means that individual solicitors  will have to review their training and development requirements to ensure that they are continually refreshing their management and interpersonal as well as their technical skills.

What does it cover?

This programme is specifically designed to provide partners with support and documentary evidence of Competencies A, C and D. (Technical training, Competence B, is not provided under this programme.)

This programme can be taken at a time to suit you and your business needs over the next 12 months.

The Sole Practitioners Coaching programme consists of:

SRA Competence A Support - A tailored questionnaire

  • An emailed questionnaire to ascertain the strengths and weaknesses of you (and your team) to ascertain your learning requirements for the next 12 months covering all SRA Solicitor Competencies A - D
  • Assistance in preparing your development plan and record for the next 12 months for you (and your team) to comply with the self-assessment part of the SRA Learning and Development Framework.
  • A telephone review coaching session on your plans

SRA Competence C Support - 3 telephone coaching sessions and 2 bonus webinars

There are two webinars for you (and your team) to watch, discuss and agree action points – Connecting with clients online and overview of Social Media Code of Conduct; and Wowing clients and Client Care Code overview.

 Your coaching calls are themed and aligned to the specific competencies agreed in your plan. As an example for clients:

  • Assistance in practising the communication techniques to WOW clients in your specific legal field
  • Managing expectations and building rapport in respect of specific scenarios you experience
  • How to have cost conversations with clients with clients confidently
  • Managing clients that you, personally find ‘difficult’ or frustrating to deal with

For those of you who have management responsibility then coaching session may include:

  • How to conduct motivating appraisals for their teams
  • Performance management challenges

SRA Competence D Support - 3 telephone coaching sessions and 1 bonus webinar

There is a webinar for you and your team to watch, discuss and agree action points on Marketing/business development including a compliance overview.

Your coaching calls are themed and aligned to the specific competencies agreed in your plan. Suggested topics are set out below:

  • Business acumen in your specific sector and firm
  • Time management tips and techniques
  • Managing resources effectively
  • Using strategic tools such as PESTLE/SWOT either to review or devise your strategy for next 12 months

If you would like to discover how this programme can help you in implementing and complying with the new regime, please get in touch.