Do you have time to wade through all the material and videos on the SRA website?

Do you have the time to identify and plan your learning and developments needs against the SRA competence matrix?

Do you want to start from scratch to produce your template records?

YCFL offer 3 options to bring you up to speed on the SRA Solicitor Competencies A-D
and the new learning & development framework.

  • One-to-One Consultation

    One-to–One Consultation on the new learning and development framework including SRA Competencies A- D. You will be provided with templates, notes slides and ‘best practice’ from our workshops on this topic

Price: £300

'The interaction session made me think about application and ask more questions!'

- Deborah Boylan, Raworths LLP Solicitors
  • In-house Presentation

    In-house 2-hour presentation on the SRA Competencies A – D and the learning and development framework. You and your partners will be provided with notes and templates.

Price: £500

‘Speaker with an understanding of the new regime when so little else is available’.

- Gurchan Jandu , Drydensfairfax
  • Workshop Material

    Purchase of the workshop material, which includes slides, notes and templates to get you started.

Price: £85

Special Offer:

Buy before the 31st July for just £50