If I asked you to share your best qualities, how easy would you find that to do? Would you be able to list your strengths without appearing over confident or would you struggle to answer? When I ask my clients to do this exercise, they find describing themselves and how they are perceived really tricky and embarrassing. Cringe worthy even!!

In this crowded and changing legal landscape, you want to be memorable and easily promoted by others. In other words, you need to build your personal reputation capital. This is the shorthand version of you! When people recommend you they will use various adjectives to describe you as well as your services. So you want to deepen their experience of you, which plays to your strengths.

We can do this through the use of testimonials. These statements help to enforce your qualities and, in order to strengthen your personal reputation, must be about you and not your firm.

Let me share some examples of testimonials that I can use to demonstrate credibility:

  1. ‘With all of her experience, Ann is quickly able to identify issues and areas of training specific to the individual. It is her astuteness and enthusiasm that separates her from the competition.’ BCL Legal
  2. ‘Ann was an excellent presenter. Extremely knowledgeable and approachable. I got a lot more from the course than I expected and will definitely recommend the course and Ann to my peers.’ Judith Bolderson Jigsaw Law
  3. ‘Wonderful to have a teacher who can translate practical business solutions from her experience into my firm’s my personal needs/areas for development.’ Gillian Evans

You will notice that I have chosen endorsements that are directly about me and reflect my skills and values – the qualities that I want to be known for.

I have then highlighted the relevant words to ensure I pick up the key messages that I want to focus on.

For example, I believe that that my inspiring style marries my knowledge and experience with my enthusiasm and astuteness. This sets me apart and allows me to deliver more than is expected to my attendees of my training and coaching by making sure I provide relevant practical solutions.

This is what I want to be known for and establish as an expectation for clients who attend my seminars and workshops and are coached by me.

The other advantage of honing in on strengths and qualities is that I can look for recurrent themes or messages to use in marketing activities. Using the three testimonials above, we may conclude that delegates would say:

  • Ann uses her knowledge and experience to ensure that I receive practical solutions I can use.
  • I aways get more from her workshops.
  • I find her enthusiasm inspiring and her workshops are fun not boring.

Can you see how knowing this information makes it much easier to build your brand and give prospects a sense of not just what you do, but how you do it.


So here’s what you need to do:

List six of your testimonials and see if you can find the common themes identified by your client.

Now craft a statement about your client’s experience of your service and working with you?

Testimonials and your buzz words can also be used on your website and LinkedIn. If these have been received since your last appraisal you may wish to keep these with your learning and development record.

Found this exercise useful? If so, you may be interested in our Business Brilliance Blueprint Programme which gives you in-depth understanding of your marketing and client needs. During day 1 on Polished Positioning Principles, you will do this exercise in more depth, with full guidance and support from me.

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