During my business workshops, I am often asked how to deliver a 60-second intro with impact. The pressure is on to be interesting and stand out from the crowd.

A lot to ask for in 60 seconds!

What my clients find they do is mumble or waffle instead of confidently introducing themselves.

So how can you feel totally confident when introducing yourself?

The key is to prepare your ‘elevator’ introduction so that it is relevant to the audience and elicits curiosity as well as being memorable. You also need to practice.

I have three specific tips for you, which I teach my clients.

You can use these individually or craft an introduction combining the three.

These are as follows:

  1. Use the ‘help’ approach to make your intro all about your clients (or potential clients). You can use this formula I help/enable …. To do or understand….. achieve this result. For example, “I enable lawyers to master their business skills so that they can serve more clients profitably”.
  2. Do you have any success statistics that you could drop into your introduction? For example, “my success rate in litigation is 100%” or “In the first half of this year I achieved 100% satisfaction rating from my clients”. Statistics are a great way to build credibility. 
  3. The power of three. Take a service you want to promote to the audience and include three key messages. For example, I might talk about appraisal training. “In my appraisal training I teach legal managers to focus on three key factors:
  • What is the outcome you want from this appraisal meeting?
  • What do you want the employee to feel on leaving the meeting?
  • What do you want them to commit to not just agree to? And do you know the difference between agreeing and committing to?’

These provide techniques or tips that they can immediately use. I have added the last sentence in italics to elicit curiosity, which may lead to a further conversation after the formal part of the networking proceedings.

The above techniques are taken from Day 1 of my Business Brilliance Blueprint® Programme, where we review your market challenges (including brand – both for you personally and for your firm). The aim of this day is to help you leverage your time and money to propel you and your service towards your target ideal client.

Take this course as one-off training day or join the full programme to fully master your business skills for profitable practice for the futureVisit the website for full details or contact me here or via my mobile: 07921540039.


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