Webinar: Essential Business Skills Part 3

Wowing Clients

This webinar is aimed at managers, managing partners and sole practitioners, as well as junior lawyers, wanting to develop their non-legal skills to become proficient in the business of lawyers.

  • Duration:

    81m 44s

  • Presented by

    Ann Page & Fiona Gillam


Webinar Content:

  • 1

    OVERVIEW: Wowing Clients

  • 2

    What do clients want?

  • 3

    Understanding Communication

  • 4

    Influencing Client Expectations & Dealing With Difficult Clients

  • 5

    How to Have Cost Conversations With Clients Confidently

  • 6

    SRA Code of Conduct: Client Care

  • 7

    BONUS SESSION SRA Code of Conduct: Aspects of Employing/Inducting Staff


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