New * Dealing with Redundancy

So, What Now? 

The BBC reported that over 300,000 redundancies were planned by employers in June & July. The Gazette is now reporting that law firms are having to make these difficult business decisions. 



Well it has happened – you have been made redundant. Are you 😀 or 😰?

Dealing with redundancy and the aftermath is not simple.  So. I have produced two support products:

1. Tailored training in practical techniques to manage the turbulence from the redundancy so that you can start your next stage of life.



  • Wednesday 4th November
  • Start: 12:00
  • Finish: 13:00



  • Thursday 26th November
  • Start: 12:00
  • Finish: 13:00

So, what now!


A unique focused zoom one hour zoom workshop.

This So, what now! Session consists of:

  1. How to eliminate anxiety following redundancy so you can focus on your strengths.
  2. How to build self-confidence/self-esteem and deal with your inner critic.
  3. An introduction to success strategies.
  4. How to keep your motivation high in times of uncertainty as well as positioning you in a resourceful place for those crucial decision and interviews coming up.
  5. Where next – new career or business? To get you started my book Business Skills? Don’t be Daft I am a lawyer! is complimentary with each booking.
  6. An action plan to start you on the next step.

The maximum number per workshop is 5.

To Book:

Please email me with your preferred date if you are interested in this workshop. 

Cost £49.50 per person

2. Coaching to fast track your vision, goals and progress to your next stage following your redundancy.

Whilst being made redundant is certainly no picnic, you need to have a practical approach to surviving the experience and moving on to build a new life for yourself and/or your family.

My So, what now! redundancy coaching programme is tailored to provide you with:

  1. The space to reflect on your experience and how to build upon this to go forward.
  2. A safe place to understand yourself better. There is an optional opportunity to complete MiRo assessment*
  3. Practical techniques to reduce anxiety and deal with the emotional turmoil to achieve equilibrium.
  4. A framework to confront obstacles and concerns and nurture their motivation and aspirations.
  5. Resilience techniques to stay resourceful during this change of circumstances so that you can be open to positive possibilities.
  6. A copy of my book Business Skills? Don’t be Daft I am a lawyer! which contains practical exercises and stories relevant to your next chapter whichever direction you take.
  7. Tools to plan the next stage of your life.

To ensure that you gain maximum benefit from the coaching programme, it will follow a structured approach to facilitate your rapid empowerment to work towards your best outcomes. You will feel energised with a real sense of purpose and focus.


The COVID-19 price of this zoom programme is £295.00 (no VAT).

*The price of the MiRo assessment taken as part of this programme is reduced from £50 to £45.00. A straightforward and simple way to assess your strengths is to complete a psychometric test. I use MiRo Assessment as this is a comprehensive system allowing you to reveal and captialise on your preferences and skills set for your working life. It is administered online and take no more than 15 minutes to complete and provides you with a comprehensive report full of valuable insights.


Telephone me on 07921540039 to discuss how I can help you become a coffee bean!

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